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What is SigaVPN?

A free VPN that doesn't log.

Do you log?

Here's what we log and don't log

What DNS is used?

OpenNIC and DNS.WATCH. Their servers doesn't log anything that can identify you.

Do you allow torrenting?

We allow torrenting.

Why should I trust you?

Email [email protected]

Is there any limits?

No bandwidth caps. No throttling. Nothing is censored.

What's not allowed?

Terrorism, CP, SYN floods, or anything that can disrupt someonne's livelihood.

Why are you doing this? Servers aren't free!

Finanaces aren't an issue. I pay out of pocket for this. Feel free to donate if you want to help.

Where's the servers located

Canada and Latvia.

What country is SigVPN based out of?


Is SigaVPN a 501c3?


Is there a cloudflare-free version of sigavpn?


Help! I have an IPv6 leak!

Windows run this tool. For linux, refer to this article. Mac users should refer to this article.

Contact us

For abuse: abuse[-at-]sigavpn[dot]com
For help on setting it up or questions: support(at)sigavpn[.]com
For official government requests: gov{at}sigavpn{dot}com
You can also reach me on bitmessage at BM-2cTPV2FXDX4MfB41ufnNqTM2ftTeMfQRhp